Sage Reading Half Marathon

Date : March Every Year
Event Type : Running

Event Information

“Jo made a couple of amendments to the site plan which worked well. Jo has continued to work with Goldline Events as Production Manager on the Nottingham Ikano Marathon & Go Girl 5K Run & Beach Party in Brighton. I am very happy to have Jo Event Solutions as part of our Events Team.”

The first Reading Half Marathon begun in 1983, with Sweatshop Events taking over its organisation in 2003. In 2017 Jo Osborne was approached by the Race Director to assist with the Health & Safety Management of the event, and following this event was asked to become Production Manager for the Sage Reading Half Marathon. Jo is currently working on the 2019 event to be held in March, the event now being owned and managed by Goldline Events Ltd.


What We Do

Production Management


March Every Year



Participant Numbers

Over 15,000 Runners
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